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Adventures will not be available during the first phases of the closed beta. When they are ready, we will start placing them on the in-game map in small quantities, and eventually they will be easy to find and play The integrity of your builds and data is super important to us, making sure that your creations and collection stay intact is a top priority. That said, we will wipe everything at least once during the beta period- Inventory, stats and build plates. That is because this is a true beta designed to test a huge amount of things. After the beta period ends, what you collect, build and own will stay there. Everything in your Minecraft Earth game is kept on your account in the cloud, including your build plates, inventory, etc. Be sure to keep your Microsoft Account/Xbox Live account safe – we will never ask for it and you should never give your password to anyone

Nonetheless, if you are a fair player and decide to not purchase ruby and dislike EA in general then this site is not for you. But if you do change your mind and decide that a better option is to generate the minecoins in our way then this tool is best. With our help and our tool design you can acquire unlimited amounts of ruby daily. How is it possible? Find out below